Welcome to the Oasis

Modern Worship, Fostering Community, Building the Future
Jun 16th, 2024 7pm at the FUMC Sanctuary 612 Poyntz Ave.
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What Is The Oasis?

I’ve been asked this question a few times and I still struggle with the correct way to describe it.  Two years ago it was described as a fresh cup of water for your soul, or a midweek refresh.  Something meant to energize and refuel you.  Google says this of the term oasis: “An oasis is an area made fertile by a source of freshwater in an otherwise dry and arid region. Oases (more than one oasis) are irrigated by natural springs or other underground water sources. They vary in size from a cluster of date palms around a well or a spring to a city and its irrigated cropland.”
My favorite part of that definition is the inclusion of variance with regard to size.  As we have continued this practice of worship and prayer from a new perspective, we have learned a few things.  The first is that God is with us and we experience His Spirit and presence every time we meet.  The second is that we need each other.  

At The Oasis you are invited to worship the Lord freely and in a way that is unique to your soul’s relationship with Him.  We are intentional about the tone and atmosphere of the room, the sound and message of the music and the freedom we promote in personal connection with the Lord.   When those avenues are open and the Spirit is allowed to move, any expectations we have are thrown out the window.  I’m excited each month to just ride the wave no matter where it is headed.  

You can also expect to hear a message, or food for thought, that comes from an intentionally relaxed and relational point of view.  We aim to explore the scriptures communally and promote discussion of how it impacts our lives.  We understand that we all walk around on the same earth and share the same joys and pains that life brings.   Often fresh perspectives give us new energy and insight to the stories of the Bible and the life of Jesus.  This excites me!  By sharing thoughts and struggles, and how we relate to life, we can find a commonality with each other.  

Then we practice prayer.  We make intentional time to look into the eyes of the people around us and learn a little bit about them and pray with and for them.  In little, uncomfortable circles we can experience God at work in the lives of those among us.  Through tears, and pain, and joy, and celebrations we are experiencing each others’ lives and sharing in all of the humanities that come with it.  

As someone who loves to connect in deep and meaningful ways, I am so excited to see the connections being made at The Oasis.  I feel blessed to see God at work in this community, in this church and in Manhattan.  What encourages me most is that, just like an oasis can “vary in size,” we know that “where two or three are gathered,” God is there also.  So no matter how small or large our gathering is, God does not discriminate and is at work in all of it.  

I love this offering from FUMC.  It has been a pleasure to watch it transform into things that we never expected or planned for.  If you haven’t joined us yet, consider this an open invitation.  
We would love for you to join us on the third Sunday of each month at 7pm!

Modern Worship - Building Community - Fostering the Future